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Bridesmaid Courtney by hatchback-girl Bridesmaid Courtney by hatchback-girl
The first of six (maybe nine) in my bridesmaid series.
These are the gifts for my lovely bridesmaids.

I may also be doing some for my two junior bridesmaids and my flower girl.

Anyway, this is Courtney, my "big sister" that I never had. She has been such a wonderful friend to me throughout the years and we have danced together for three years. We also danced a duet together in June 2012.

Done in the Art Nouveau style added with my own flair of colorfulness (yes that is a word).
NonieR Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2012
I love these! A fun, loving, and thoughtful gift, and nicely done; few artists can manage both portraits and Nouveau style without one overbalancing the other.
Looking forward to the rest of them!

font-street Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2012  Student General Artist
this looks so pretty! And glad you've had so much good friends :) \o/ And this fits the Art Nouveau style!

If I may give a suggestion, perhaps adding some amount of decoration in the bottom part would be good. It can make the entire picture more beautiful than it already is without distracting from the focus point....?
The first thought that came across in my head is patterns, but I understand that may have not be in the spirit of Mucha.... so maybe some random flowers like the one above?

But that's just a random suggestion. The picture's already beautiful as it is! \o/
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